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Welcome to Damien Carbery's Portfolio Website

I am a website developer with a passion for effective, usable and future proof websites. I will listen to your requirements, develop your website and will not bore you with the technical details — not unless you want them.


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WordPress Plugin Updates – save a mouse click

Posted on Jul 17 by

WordPress: Add ‘Updates’ link to ‘Plugins’ menu when plugin updates available and ‘Pending’ link to ‘Comments’ menu when comments awaiting moderation. Sometimes a coding exercise is too compelling for a nerd to ignore.


eShop Free Shipping by Zone

Posted on Jan 8 by

The bags your bag web site project was very interesting as it gave me the opportunity to code numerous extensions to the eShop plugin that the site used. I added a cart count,...


WordPress Custom Post Types in the admin area

Posted on Jan 8 by

While I was proud of myself for being an early adopter of Custom Post Types when I used them on the Body Connection Spa web site, it annoyed me that I could not get custom columns to work in the admin area. This annoyed me for almost a year when I finally hunted down a solution – changing dashes to underscores in the CPT’s internal name.